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Outlander is a massive worldwide show, huge production, loved by millions the whole world over, and filmed and shot on location here in Scotland at some of the most stunning and historic venues we have. So, why are there not many people in Scotland who watch this great show? One of the main reasons is a bit controversial, but widely believed to be true!!!…Read on


In 2014 when Outlander was released by Sony Pictures Television (9th Aug 2014 if we’re being very specific), Scotland was on the verge of an historic and vitally important decision…The Scottish Referendum…which would decide following a Yes or No vote by the Scottish population, whether Scotland would become an independent nation, self-governed and home ruled, or remain as part of the UK and ruled from Westminster, London, England. The polls at the time were showing that the decision was a close one, a very close one, with the population split as to what to do. The majority of the younger population (under 40) were very much in favour of self-determination, with the “longer in the tooth” members of the population tending to cast their vote in the better together vote and remaining as part of the UK.

It is widely known that David Cameron, who was leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister at the time, held talks with Sony Pictures Television to discuss the huge investment from the Sony organisation in Scotland, and the subsequent boost to the economy that would bring not only Scotland, but the UK. It is believed that during these talks, and this politically important and sensitive time, that Cameron was concerned about the impact the show might have on the Scottish voting public, and he therefor requested that the show would not be released in Scotland at this time, when it was released widely around the rest of the world. As the show covers many political questions and points from the Jacobite era, it is believed from many columnists, bloggers and vloggers that the show could have increased a sense of Scottish nationalism, and ultimately swung this very finely balanced vote in favour of the “Yes” campaign, which would then have seen Scotland become an independent country.

Whether popular belief is right or wrong regarding David Cameron’s discussion with the Sony executives, the result of the vote (this time) was in favour of the No’s. So if you believe it, then perhaps not releasing Outlander at this time in Scotland, did actually play a pivotal part in the 2014 referendum and swung it in favour of the “Better Together” campaign…but with it looking like Indy Ref #2 on the way, perhaps the growing popularity of Outlander here in Scotland will push it in favour of the Yes campaign this time…WATCH THIS SPACE!!!! 


Thankfully, over the past couple of years the show has become available to the Scottish and UK audiences, and although it’s not as widely watched in Scotland as it is in the rest of the world (as many people in Scotland don’t even know about it,) it is getting more press and more followers now. It’s fair to say, all the Scottish people I know who watch the show absolutely love it…as do we here at Luxury S.E.A.T. Ltd!


So why don’t you book your exclusive, private and luxurious (in name but not in price) Outlander tour with us, and revel in making the show come to life.


The tour is exclusively for you and your party and not shared with anyone else. It is designed to be enjoyed by between 1 to 7 people with your very own guide who will not only enthral you with your Outlander tour but will also introduce you to other wonderful sights and stories as you travel through our beautiful country here in Scotland. We have listed below some of the most popular Outlander destinations. Our tours are either ½ day (4hrs), full day (8hrs), or multi day tours.  We will pick you up from wherever you are (at the dock if you are off a cruise ship, at your hotel, guesthouse, holiday cottage….). Just let us know where you are, and depending on your geographical location, we will suggest what can be done in the time that you have, including but not exclusive to the following-

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  • Falkland Palace & Village (near Glenrothes) Appearing a few times in season 1 & 2, this is where it is used to portray post 2nd WW inverness (where Claire & Frank spend their 2nd honeymoon), Bruce Fountain (where Jamie’s ghost appears looking up at Claire’s room), Covenantor Hotel (Mrs Baird’s B&B) and Fayre Earth Gift Shop (Farrell’s furniture & hardware store)
  • Culross Palace & Village – Dunfermline One of the finest examples of a Royal Burgh from the 17th & 18th century. This is top of the list for many Outlander enthusiasts. This is where Geillis Duncan and her elderly husband resided and where the young boy had his ear pinned to the post for stealing (Mercat {Market} Cross). The gardens at the palace are where Claire had her herb garden at Castle Leoch and the interior and exterior of the palace were used as a tavern going to battle in S2
  • Blackness Castle – Linlithgow Used to represent Fort William where Jamie received his lashes from Black Jack, and where Jamie’s father dies. This is also where Jamie breaks in through a window to rescue Claire from Black Jack…they should’ve killed him then
  • Doune Castle – (near Stirling) This is an integral location in Outlander as this is the fictional Castle Leoch (chief home to the Clan MacKenzie), also used in one of the 20th century scenes where Claire & Frank visit the ruins, as they actually are to this day.
  • Linlithgow Palace – West Lothian Recognisable to Outlander enthusiasts as Wentworth Prison where Jamie was tortured by Black Jack. A stunning location which has been used in many other films/dramas too. This is where Claire is seen to be talking with Fletcher who is the prison governor and tells him Jamie is a family friend, but he refuses to let her in to see him but gives her his personal effects to return to his family following his impending execution
  • Preston Mill & Phantassie Doocot – East Lothian The Mill’s exhibition room was used as a room in the court where Claire & Geillis stood trial for witchcraft. This is also where Jamie had to hide underwater when the Redcoats (soldiers) came and questioned Claire & Jenny (Jamie’s sister)
  • Culloden Battlefield – Inverness A truly breath-taking site with an outstanding visitor centre. Although Outlander is a fictional show, the battle of Culloden is very much a real and extremely sad and barbaric part of Scottish history. It is also an integral part of the Outlander storyline and forms a huge part of what Jamie & Claire try to do, which is change history and stop the battle of Culloden actually taking place, which of course they fail to achieve. You could spend 1 whole day at this location alone if time permitted. There is most certainly a feeling of spirituality and the heavy weight of tragic history to be seen and felt here.
  • Glencoe – Ballachulish One of the most famous of the Scottish Glens, and home to some very dark periods in Scottish history. Glencoe is used extensively in the opening credits in S1with its dramatic mountains and sparkling lochs. A must see for many Scottish tourists who are not even acquainted with Outlander. The photo opportunities here are amazing and will leave a long lasting impression…as will the eerie silence!
  • Midhope Castle & (Hopetoun House) – West Lothian This portrays the home of The Duke of Sandringham where there were scenes shot in the Red Drawing Room. The gardens and rear of the house were also used to shoot the scenes for the dual between the Duke (where he asks Jamie to stand in for him) and the McDonald Clan. There is also a courtyard that was used often to portray a Parisian street location in S2.
  • Pollock House, Gardens & Park – Glasgow This location is used several times to portray many different locations through S1 to S5 because of the sheer size of the park and gardens. Jamie & Black Jack dual here which in Outlander was meant to be in France. The scene where Murtagh ambushes the Compte, relieving him of his wine shipment is also shot in the grounds here. More recently, the grounds were also used to portray the Carolina Scottish Festival in S4, where Roger & Bree attend and Roger proposes to Bree for the first time.
  • Newhails House – Musselburgh This was used as Governor Tyron’s home in North Carlina where Jamie was invited to discuss an offer of a huge amount of land in exchange for his service to the English Crown. This is also where Jamie & Claire were introduced to the Wilmington society at an event which turned out to be the same night Bree and Rodger were Handfast nearby to where Claire & Jamie were attending the event but not known to either party.

We offer ½ day, full day and multi day tours depending on the time and the budget that you have. All tours are exclusive to you and your party (1-7 passengers) in our exclusive Mercedes Bens V-Class AMG model executive vehicles, which come with the following as standard – Client controlled air con/WiFi/on-board refreshments/AC charging facilities for mobile devices and cameras.

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