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Sporting & Recreational Events

The tickets are bought, the anticipation is building and the event you are going to is the one EVERYONE is talking about.

Whether you are attending the Scottish Cup Final at Hampden Park Glasgow, Scottish Grand National at Ayr Racecourse, 6 Nations International at Murrayfield Stadium Edinburgh, World Title Boxing Match, your clubs important league clash with local rivals, a tour of your favourite musical at one of our amazing theatres, a gig from the must-see artist of the moment, or one of your old favourites on their LAST EVER tour…you simply can’t wait to be there…One question may be though, HOW DO WE GET THERE? 

We’ve all been there, dressed in your finest attire waiting on a train that has been cancelled, a bus that’s seen finer days or a taxi that not only can’t take your whole party, it’s also noisy, rattles your bones and could do with new seat covers! 

Not forgetting leaving a venue with literally thousands decanting, all at the same time! Forget standing in a taxi queue, you will be there for hours! At least 5 trains will need to leave, packed to the ceiling, before you even get on one. It’s raining and you have places to go to enjoy the remainder of your evening. 

You could take your car and drive, but just how close to the venue can you park? Do you even know where the closest car park is? You won’t even be able to safely have 1 glass of wine during the interval, without risking losing your licence. Frankly, why bother with any of that?

Luxury SEAT


No matter which kind of event you are attending in Scotland, we can get you there in luxury and totally stress-free to enjoy the day.

Glasgow: 0141 374 0147
Edinburgh: 0131 235 2491
Mobile: 07966 182495

Luxury SEAT have experience of travelling to all of Scotland’s major venues, and we can take the worry of how to get there, or more importantly how you get home, away from your thoughts altogether. We can take you as close to the venue entrance as is legally permissible by the Police. We can take up to 7 passengers in absolute luxury, in a vehicle that will look as if it is just out of the showroom that day.

if your party is larger than 7, we can arrange further luxury vehicles, all of the same standard, to accommodate them too.

Scotland has some of the best stadia, theatres and gig venues in Europe. When you attend any of these events, let’s face it…IT’S GOING TO BE SPECIAL!! You can make the whole experience special with your very own chauffeur driven luxury vehicle…Contact Luxury SEAT and get a no ties quote! You may find it’s much more economical than you imagined.

Music Event

Have a drink and enjoy the festival.

Horse Racing

Arrive in style and shout on the winner.

Scottish Rugby

Travel in luxury to Murrayfield.