A proud nation, steeped in history, renowned for doing things in her own way! This is what makes us who we are, and what makes out nations’ history so interesting. Over 4 thousand years ago, archaeological finds show us that our Stone Age inhabitants at that time, were the most advanced builders in Europe. Two thousand years ago the Romans decided that the land of the Scots (Caledonians, Picts, Scotlanders or however you would like us to be known) was too difficult to conquer and so decided to instead build a wall, (Hadrian’s Wall), to mark the edge of their frontier, and to leave Caledonia, to the Caledonians. One thousand years ago, in medieval times, Scotland was at the forefront of European kingdoms to emerge from the Dark Ages with a political unity. The home of Golf & Whisky, the origin of global life changing discoveries like penicillin, insulin, steam engine, telephone, television & bicycles (and we’ll stop there as we are also a nation known for not boasting)!


This is our nation, these are our people, and although it would be fair to say that some of our history is dark, painful and tragic, it has shaped us and made us who we are today. We are a nation that has always been tested and pressured into being what others want us to be, but stubbornness is a trait that runs deep, and pride for our values and way of life will never be buried!


Good weather is not one of our finer qualities, and we are famous not so much for having four seasons in 1 day, but four seasons in 1 hour is often closer to the truth. It has been said though, that there is no such thing as poor weather, just a poor choice in appropriate clothing! Our scenery is amongst the very best in the world, but don’t take our word for it, as Scotland is listed in many journals the world over, as thee must see place on your bucket list.


It is our history that brings us to life though, and we at Luxury S.E.A.T. Ltd can make our history, our scenery, our people, and our famous hospitality come to life for you. We offer ½ day, full day and multi day exclusive private tours. We have suggested some below, but this would be your visit, so talk with us, tell us what you like and the time you have, and we will give you suggestions to consider for your bespoke tour. The most difficult thing you will do, is to make a choice out of the options we give you.

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Our chauffeurs are not only very experienced and professionally attired, but also knowledgeable, discreet and always courteous with attention to detail, helping with luggage and onward journey information upon arrival.

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